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Providing Expertise, Guidance and Support

From the 12 January 2020 when the World Health Organisation received the "genetic sequence" of the SARS-Covid-2 virus, through 2021 when awareness grew in New Zealand that the  "vaccine" posed a risk of it's own to today.

 The Stingray Project Ltd has provided expertise, guidance and support to individual employees and business owners.

The Stingray Project Ltd (SPL) has gained unique insights from representation of many individuals, groups and business owners.

SPL has collected massive and significant data through numerous interactions with all types of businesses ranging across sectors and differing in size and scale. People dealt with were in Health, Education, Defence, Emergency Response, Manufacturing and Service Provision and included workers, teaching assistants, cleaners, Health Care practioners, teachers, fire fighters, owners, PCBUs, directors, managers and workers.

All faced challenges, all were affected, all were dealt with respectfully (by us).  The only problem at time was enough time.   

Evidence has been accrued of how PCBUs and others in positions of authority and responsibility have responded to the challenges of COVID has been collated. 

By analysis and synthesis this data has been developed into useful information and converted into intelligence.

This intelligence is now being deployed through specific, targeted, lawful action to hold those in positions of responsibility to account and protect those who engage with SPL.  


We are:

  • committed, resourceful and determined.

  • open, transparent and honest.

We want to:

  • see fairness

  • help you get accountability


We will:

  • work tirelessly to achieve the right outcomes for you, our clients, no matter who you are and who "they" are.


We are:

  • ready to begin working with you.




Fill in details below.  We will review and get in touch, preferably by phone so make sure to include the best number to call on.  We will discuss how we can help.  Our call will come from PRIVATE NUMBER.

If you have concerns about disinformation in the media do not worry.  More details of what to do will be sent in due course.

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